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Full Colour Book Production

Stroma are specialists in digital book printing providing a friendly, helpful and very competitively priced service.

Our customers include Businesses, Publishers, Charities and Schools and we can also help individuals to print their first title.

We allow publishers to scale down print runs and have all the advantages of the print on demand model without incurring a cost penalty and without compromising quality.

Printing sufficient stock to meet your immediate demand ensures that there are no delays to your order despatch or additional postage and packing costs. Holding a small stock ensures that you are in a position to fulfil every order without incurring high print or storage costs from your distributor. If you have specialist publications where the unit cost is high because of the quantity printed or you print high volumes to keep the unit cost down then digital printing could be your answer. Additionally it helps your cash flow by spreading the cost over the life of the book

Through scanning, we can reproduce a book from an original, where no electronic or other artwork exists. Even old and rare books can be reproduced in this way.

We have in-house guillotining, laminating, perfect-binding, saddle-stitching and drilling facilities, all of which provide our clients with the benefits of convenience, speed, quality and competitiveness.

Our Services include:

Training manuals
Educational and technical study materials
Finance sector materials
Vanity books
Annual Reports

Preparing Your Files for Print

Your can submit your files via email, or upload them to our server via FTP. You can contact us for login details.

If you are supplying a print-ready digital design (whether it be from a third party design agency or your own creation) may we draw your attention to our guidelines on supplying print ready files. You have put a lot of effort into your design and we want to ensure that the finished job meets your expectations.

View Our Preferred Guidelines

Why use Stroma?

Friendly, helpful advice and support.
Very competitive prices.
Fast turnaround time.
High quality digital printing.
Over a decade of experience in print and print-finishing.


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