Artwork Guidelines for Digital Print

Stroma Ltd


The following guidelines apply to artwork submitted for graphic production.

Artwork should be sent to us on disk, by e-mail or via our FTP server. Please contact us for login details.

  1. We can accept .ai, .eps and pdf formats.
  2. Any text should be converted to outlines or fonts sent with the artwork files.
  3. Ensure any images embedded or links are CMYK not RGB.
  4. Artwork needs to be CMYK or pantones or a combination. Bear in mind Pantones cannot be
    accurately reproduced with digital print and are converted to CMYK when printed.
  5. Artwork must be provided with at least 3.5cm bleed and trim marks.

Other important information on sending artwork:

  1. Please include a printout with your disk.
  2. Images must be at least 100ppi at actual size.
  3. Label files with correct extensions such as: .ai, .eps, .tif or .jpg
  4. Files can be compressed if needed using ‘zip’.
  5. If artwork is over 10Mb, please do not send via email, send via CD or FTP or you can use
  6. No artwork will be started or reviewed until payment is made.



Stroma Ltd reserves the right to assess any artwork transmitted to us as unacceptable for our
processes and quality standards. We will determine the usability of any artwork
received and will inform you of any difficulties at the earliest opportunity to allow you time to resubmit usable artwork.

When sending art via the post, please send it to:
Stroma Ltd, Unit 17, 142 Johnson Road, Southall, Middelsex UB2 5FD.

Tel: 020 8867 7777 Fax: 020 8843 2344 E-mail:

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